About CAWP

Our Story: The Creation of CAWP

The Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) was created, in consultation with the University’s Forestry Advisory Council, with input from the National Education Initiative on the Canadian Wood Processing Industry (NEI), to address the need for advanced technical and managerial training for the value-added wood products manufacturing sector. CAWP is an interdisciplinary initiative administered by the Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry, in collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Science at The University of British Columbia.

Education. Service. Research.

Our Mission

CAWP’s mission is to offer training and technical assistance to promote the success and sustainable growth of Canada’s value-added wood products manufacturing sector.


We strive to maintain the most up-to-date technical facilities possible to support our training, teaching, product development, testing, and research activities. CAWP is grateful to the many software, materials, services and equipment suppliers that have provided financial or in-kind support in this regard.

Partners and Supporters

CAWP works with a wide range of partners, both within UBC and externally, spanning various disciplines and geographical boundaries.

CAWP Associates

CAWP engages the assistance of many talented specialists to work with our in-house team on delivering our programs and projects.