Welcome to CAWP

The Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) is Canada’s national centre for education, training and technical assistance for the wood products manufacturing industry. CAWP offers a wide range of training courses, professional e-learning programs, in-plant training, product development, and manufacturing improvement services. We also conduct and coordinate applied research and development, and support the award-winning B.Sc. in Wood Products Processing and its cooperative education program.


Our Activities

Product Development Services for Manufacturers and Designers
CAWP helps wood products manufacturers of all types and sizes to develop, improve, prototype and test new products, or to improve aspects of their manufacturing operations, such as quality management, plant layout,e equipment evaluation and others.


Designing with Wood Program – Technical Mentoring for Designers

CAWP offers a technical mentoring service for industrial designers and other creative people who want to know more about the specifics of working in the wood products industry. We answer some of the typical technical and business questions that designers have when starting to work with wood


Industrial Wood Finishing
The UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing is a part-time industry training program that takes place every year from January to April. It combines 100 hours of supervised online study over 3 months with a week-long practical session.

Kiln Drying
CAWP offers a 150-hour modular course in kiln drying that currently represents the most comprehensive training program on the subject available anywhere in the world.


Outside the Box Meetup Group promotes New Opportunities & Partnerships

Our Outside the Box networking group has 200 members and meets once a month to share creative thinking, project experiences, and new product and market opportunities in wood-based products and building systems.

Management Skills Training for the Wood Products Industry
CAWP offers a set of flexible and affordable online management skills training courses that can be taken part-time over six to eight weeks without interrupting your work schedule.