How to Develop a New Wood Product

If you are a manufacturer or designer who is thinking about developing and launching a new wood-based product or modifying an existing one, CAWP can help you to access the right kinds of support services. We start by sitting down with you and discussing your needs. We then suggest a course of action. Some services can be provided directly by CAWP staff, while our partners can deliver others.

The kinds of services you need at the product development stage could include any of the following:

  • Having a market opportunity analysis conducted to determine whether there is a potential market for your idea
  • Obtaining assistance from an industrial designer to refine a new product idea
  • Getting help from an engineer to determine the performance requirements of a new product or design
  • Having 2D or 3D computer-aided design (CAD) drawings made, and/or converting CAD files into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) files that can be read by a CNC machine centre
  • Getting a prototype manufactured
  • Having a cost analysis performed to determine manufacturing costs using specific kinds of machines, tools or other equipment

If after an initial consultation you decide that you would like to go ahead with the process, CAWP will assign a member of our staff to act as project liaison. The project liaison will be your main contact throughout the process, and will coordinate the various services that you require to develop your new wood product.

Once the product development process is complete, you might require any of the following forms of assistance to preparing for manufacturing and commercialise your product:

  • Production consulting services (in which a technical specialist visits your factory and provides advice on how to make changes to your equipment and processes to accommodate a new product)
  • Training services – customized in-house training on new machinery or production methods
  • Business planning – determining marketing strategy, financial requirements and other aspects of the new product launch
  • Trade shows and trade missions– help with getting the attention of buyers in key markets

STEP 1 –

Needs Analysis

A. Define end goals for project

Based on competitive challenges, market opportunities, other opportunities

B. Decide what support is required

Analyze current equipment and processes, supplier relationships, skills and marketing

STEP 2 –

Assign a Project Liaison


Selection based on availability, expertise, prior relationships with client company

STEP 3 –

Proof-of-Concept Stage

Select services that are relevant:

Market opportunity analysis
Industrial design services
Engineering services
Prototype manufacturing
Cost analysis – manufacturing costs, capital investments, etc.

STEP 4 – Commercialization Stage

Select services that are relevant:

Production consulting services (how should plant equipment and processes be augmented to facilitate new production needs)
Training services (in-person or web-based)
Business planning
Trade shows and trade missions

If you would like to explore the ways in which CAWP and its partners can assist you, please contact us at, 604-822-6448, or toll free within North America at 1-866-822-2297.