Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences

Training and education for wood products manufacturers

One of the key roles of the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing is to offer training programs and knowledge-sharing opportunities on technical and managerial issues pertinent to the wood products manufacturing industries. To do this we draw upon expertise internally and within the University of British Columbia’s Wood Science Department, one of the largest wood science institutions in the world. In addition, CAWP maintains strong relationships with external specialists through an extensive international network of associates that spans three continents and represents the best in the world in wood products manufacturing knowledge. Our training and education programs are designed to address the key skills and knowledge issues of the value-added, primary, secondary and tertiary wood products industries. They include seminars, workshops, e-learning programs and conferences, held at the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, and at other locations in Canada and the United States.

CAWP’s wood products manufacturing training curriculum can be customised for the needs of particular companies and delivered at the client company’s plant and/or fully or partly online.

Workshops and Certificate Programs

The workshops presented by the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing combine classroom theory with practical work in a broad range of specialized fields, with emphasis on specialized processing equipment and systems. Courses are conducted in a small group format to maximise opportunities for hands-on practice and demonstrations.

These workshops and courses are currently offered one or more times each year:

These workshops and programs are available on request:


Conferences feature internationally-recognized specialists in wood processing, to update industry participants on the latest in markets, processes and technologies.

Some of our previous conferences and events have included the following:

  • New Trends in Timber Engineering and Architecture – Guest seminar by Dr. Julius Natterer (Vancouver, 2011)
  • Parametric Modeling and Digital Wood Fabrication Workshop and Symposium Vancouver, 2008)
  • Industrial Wood Finishing Symposium: From Green to Lean and in Between (Atlanta, 2008)
  • Industrial Wood Finishing: Making Water-Based and Compliant Finishes Work (Atlanta, 2006)
  • Wood Finishing – Improving Processes and Profits (Atlanta, 2004)
  • Wood Window Design & Construction Workshop (Vancouver, 2003)
  • iMade Italian Furniture Design Exhibition (Vancouver, 2003)
  • Wood Finishing – Improving Processes and Profits(Atlanta, 2002)
  • Factory Built Components & Housing Systems (Richmond, 2002)
  • Design for Secondary Wood Products (2001)
  • From Start to Finish – Wood Finishing for 2000 and Beyond (Atlanta, 2000)
  • Global Markets for Value Added Wood Products (Halifax,1999)
  • 4th Industry Symposium on Tooling and Machining (Vancouver, 1998)
  • International Value Added Wood Processing Conference (Vancouver, 1999)
  • International Value Added Wood Processing Conference (Toronto, 1998)
  • International Value Added Wood Processing Conference (Vancouver, 1997)

In-Plant Training

CAWP works with companies across Canada to bring customised programs directly to the workplace. Benefits to companies include elimination of travel costs and course content that is tailored to their own unique needs. For more details please contact CAWP via email.