Quality Management Course

WMC Management Skills Training Program – What you’ll Learn

This page lists the workplace skills that you will gain by successfully participating in this course module.

Quality Management Training for the Woodworking Industry

Quality Management and Control

This course module walks participants through the process of establishing a quality management program to track and eliminate product deficiencies, monitor quality performance, and reduce the costs of material, customer service, rework and other non value-adding activities that typically erode the profits of manufacturing companies. The emphasis is on introducing and working with tools that can quickly be implemented in one’s own production operations to improve quality and efficiency. It will be of use to any company that wishes to instil a solid understanding of quality management practices in its key employees. The tools and techniques introduced in the module will yield benefits regardless of whether your company chooses to implement a complete quality system or simply achieve some ‘quick wins”.

(Please note: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet skills are required for this course module)

  • Identify the needs for quality control and systems
  • Describe the costs and benefits of Quality Control and Quality Awareness programs
  • Develop quality goals, systems to track quality costs, and tools to reduce quality costs.
  • Use statistical analysis tools (spreadsheets, checksheets) and graphing tools to monitor critical areas
  • Develop acceptance testing methods for critical materials
  • Analyze and illustrate QC data
  • Describe key aspects of a successful QC program implementation

“The flexible format was good and allowed completion as time permitted. I also found that [the tutor] responded well to any questions I had” – Michael Slobodian, Decor Cabinets, Manitoba – course participant 2010