CNC Operations- In-Plant Training

What We Can Do

With a network of associates and partner organisations throughout North America and Europe, CAWP is well positioned to track the latest developments in computer numerical control technology for the wood products manufacturing industry. Generous support from machinery manufacturers and distributors has ensured that our 10,000 square foot advanced wood processing lab continues to reflect the state of the art in CNC manufacturing equipment.

CAWP can offer a variety of flexibe training programs that can be customised to fit the individual needs of the client company. CNC training may be conducted either at the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing or at the company’s own location. Programs normally include a mix of classroom sessions, practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Below are some typical themes commonly covered in our training programs. Course content varies according to target audiences and their learning goals.

  • capabilities of CNC technology- what can be achieved?
  • evaluating and selecting the right equipment for purchase based on your production situation
  • most appropriate applications, benefits and limitations of CNC technology
  • reviews of basic computer competencies (when applicable)
  • overview of CNC machining principles. designing parts using CAD programs
  • generating CNC control files using computer-aided manufacturing software
  • 3D programming and advanced applications. machine-specific training for operators


For more information on how CAWP might assist your organisation, please contact Jason Chiu.