Target Audience and Prior Knowledge Required

Target Audience

The UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing has been designed for individuals employed in the wood products industry who have some general experience in manufacturing (and possibly finishing) but would like to expand their specific knowledge and understanding of wood finishing processes. The broad aims of the program are to equip learners with the knowledge and experience to do the following:

  • Understand why finishes are applied to wood, and how the properties of wood and finishes influence the performance of finishing systems.
  • Have a broad understanding of all of the considerations that must be borne in mind when making decisions related to wood finishing.
  • Select the most appropriate coatings systems and technology to apply finishes to wood and wood composites for specific product requirements.
  • Apply finishes to wood using common application technologies (spraying systems and roller and curtain coaters) and test the properties of liquid finishes and the properties of the coatings.
  • Design a finishing facility to minimize contamination of finishes and the probability of fire or explosions and reduce costs and emissions of volatile organic compounds.
  • Access third-party information and resources that can be used on an ongoing basis to improve and successfully manage wood finishing processes.

Prior Knowledge/Experience and Equipment Required

Participants in the UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing should have some knowledge or experience of value-added wood products manufacturing. There are no formal educational requirements, but participants should possess good numerical and writing skills.

Participants should have regular access to a recent-model desktop or laptop computer with sound card and speakers, word processing software, reliable Internet connection, web browser, and their own email account. Participants will need to access the course website and their own email account at least three times per week to check for announcements and updates and perform assessed tasks.