Lumber Drying – In-plant training

What We Can Do

CAWP is a leader in kiln drying education, operating the most comprehensive education program in North America on this important topic. Drawing from this body of knowledge and working with associates who possess a wealth of practical experience and expertise, we have assisted many companies in increasing drying efficiencies and product quality.

In house training focuses on issues specific to the host company’s operations. Working directly with employees, in-plant training can teach the company to develop ongoing assessment and quality control tools that will ensure a quicker response to problems as they develop.

In kiln drying, dramatic improvements have been achieved consistently in each of the sessions conducted. Some examples of the benefits that companies have realised over the past year include:

  • Reduction in warp and twist at one facility resulted in savings of $120,000 per month.
  • Improved kiln performance resulted in a 30% improvement in airflow.
  • Improved kiln performance resulted in a 40% reduction in drying time.
  • Reduction in drying times meant annual kiln capacity was increased by 22%.
  • Substantial reduction in energy costs was realised.
  • Cost savings were achieved by implementing a minor upgrade to a kiln controller rather than via an expensive replacement of the whole unit.
  • For more information on how CAWP might assist your organisation, please contact Jason Chiu.


Graeme Rickson, Timberwest Elk Falls Mill, BC

“The biggest benefits of onsite training for us were that more people from our operation could be involved, and training was more relevant to us than a generic course would have been. The instructor was upbeat, personable and extremely engaging, and focused on practical solutions rather than just textbook theory.

We hired CAWP in July 2001 to conduct a two-day in-plant workshop on kiln performance analysis. Our staff came out with a much greater knowledge of how to identify (and correct) deficiencies in the kiln.

An airflow check revealed that one of the sets of baffles was underperforming, with a gap in the top baffle allowing air to escape. Once this was rectified there was an immediate, measurable gain. This was just one example of the many benefits we realised from the course.”

P. Ward Perchuk, President, Spruce Products Limited, Manitoba

“David (Scholte) did a great job and was good with follow up. I would have no problem recommending him.”