2024 Schedule

The program is run by the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing and courses are scheduled twice per year, and more if demand dictates. Each course lasts 6 weeks. The following modules are now open for registration: 

January 15 to February 26 (6 weeks)

Quality Management and Control

Sales and Marketing

February 26 to April 8  (6 weeks)

Supply Chain Management

Business Finance

April 8 to June 3 (6 & 8 weeks)

Production Planning (8 weeks)

Factory Planning and Equipment Evaluation (6 weeks)

September 16 to October 28 (6 weeks)

Human Resources & Safety (6 weeks)

New Product Development (6 weeks)

October 28 to December 9 (6 & 8 Weeks)

Production Planning (8 weeks)

Business Finance (6 weeks)

Each course is run at least twice per year. If your company would like to enroll 8 or more learners in any one module it may be possible to schedule a dedicated company-specific course – please inquire for details.