Module 4 – Advanced Power Plant & Operations

Workshop Duration: 5 days

What you will learn:

This module discusses heating systems, their associated energy costs, and their applicability to different drying applications. It begins with an examination of the principles of heating, and outlines methods to determine heat requirements. Various heating systems, including direct-fired, radiant heat, dehumidification and vacuum, are introduced and their benefits and limitations described. Participants will be given opportunities to work in teams through heat demand and heat loss calculations using a range of practical examples. Government regulations and safety requirements are covered in detail, and representatives from relevant municipal and/or provincial authorities will be present to discuss these aspects. A troubleshooting session looks at questions arising from operators in the field and recommends action strategies in response, and plant tours demonstrate a range of power plant technologies in action.

This module incorporates the BCIT Boiler Safety Awareness training program within course content. The program occupies one full day of Module 4 and includes a multiple choice assessment component. Participants who achieve a satisfactory grade in the BCIT program will be eligible to write the BC Boiler Safety Examination should they choose to do so at a later date.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Obtain an increased understanding of heating systems and energy requirements, resulting in more efficient drying operations and lower energy costs
  • Improve safety awareness and procedures
  • Be able to evaluate various heating technologies when upgrading or developing new facilities
  • Ensure compliance with government safety regulations

 Who should attend:

  • Kiln managers
  • Supervisory & QC staff
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Kiln operators

Module 1 Cost: $995 
Kiln Drying Certificate cost (lump-sum fee) 

Workshop Schedule:

Overview of heating systems

  • Thermal oil
  • Steam Low pressure and High pressure
  • Direct fire
    • Natural gas
    • Wood fired
  • Dehumidification

BCIT Boiler Safety Awareness component

Government regulations – guest presenters from relevant municipal and provincial authorities
Practical exercises – heat loss, heat demand, costing and design 

Plant tours
Troubleshooting session

Review and exam


Schedules & Availability

CAWP endeavours to make kiln drying course modules available as often as possible and in as many locations as is feasible. As scheduling is decided on an on-demand basis, we encourage potential participants to let us know that a course is desired in their area.  Kiln drying courses may also be delivered in-plant at your company location, or customized to meet specific learning goals. For more information on this topic please see our in-plant training page.