Course Content

The online learning portion of the UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing is divided into ten modules, each containing between one and three separate lessons. There are twenty-two lessons which must be covered over three months. Some of the lessons are quite brief, but learners should normally count on completing at least one module a week.

Module Topics – Web-Based Component

  • Module 1. Introduction to Wood Finishing
  • Module 2. Colour Theory and Wood Colour
  • Module 3. Surface Preparation
  • Module 4: Surface Finishes
  • Module 5: Spraying Technology
  • Module 6: Automated Finishing
  • Module 7: Drying and Curing of Finishes
  • Module 8: Post-Treatments and Cost Considerations
  • Module 9: Coating Parameters, Recycling, Safety, Environmental
  • Module 10 : Quality Control and Finish Testing

The practical component of the course is held over an intensive 6-day period and involves 8 hours of instruction and hands-on exercises each day. Sessions are held at the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing in Vancouver . The practical component features presentations and demonstrations by a variety of guest technical specialists, as well as instruction by CAWP personnel. Topics covered in the practical sessions build upon the theoretical knowledge gained during the web-based component of the course, and include the following;

  • Measuring the colour of Canadian wood species.
  • Farnsworth-Munsell colour test.
  • Finish sanding and surface preparation.
  • Conditioning of surfaces for staining.
  • Spraying basics – gun setup, correct use, and cleaning.
  • Staining effects & simple finishes, chemical staining.
  • Advanced staining systems.
  • Preparing bleaches and removing stains from wood.
  • Tests on liquid finishes.
  • Tests on wet coatings.
  • Water-based finishes.
  • Roller coating.
  • UV curing.
  • Curtain coating.
  • Powder coating of MDF.
  • Achieving special finishing effects.
  • Exterior finishes and testing.
  • Testing the properties of finishes.
  • Tours of various industrial finishing facilities.