Module 2 – Kiln Quality Control

Workshop Duration: 3 days

What you will learn:

Module Two is designed to put into participants’ hands a group of powerful problem solving tools that can be used daily in the workplace to enhance quality control efforts related to wood drying. These tools are presented in Microsoft Excel, a readily available and inexpensive software package. Participants learn key QC principles, how they are applied to wood drying, and how to implement them using spreadsheets and computer-based analysis. They also take away the custom-designed QC software used during the sessions. Participants will learn how to improve drying uniformity, reduce drying times and energy usage, and understand basic design criteria before the purchase of new kilns.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Establish an effective QC program
  • Develop a clear understanding of the various QC tools and their applications
  • Upgrade skills with tools such as Microsoft Excel
  • Understand what to measure and how to track these measurements

 Who should attend:

  • Kiln managers
  • Supervisory & QC staff
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Kiln operators

Module 1 Cost: $750
Kiln Drying Certificate cost (lump-sum fee) – $3982

Workshop Schedule:

Management for quality and process variation and control

Problem Solving Skills
Creative brainstorming, data sampling, pareto analysis, data display techniques and cause & effect analysis.

Skills Building Session
Using the problem solving tools in the computer lab.

Understanding the Measuring Tools

Skills Building Session

Creating the charts with Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Spread Sheets
This section covers statistics, average and standard deviations

Skills Building Session
Using the computer for trade-related statistics, computer averages
& standard deviations

Shrinkage and Size Control of Wood
Assessing lumber, drying quality and moisture distribution, and the relationships between data and drying schedules are explained here.

Developing Spread Sheets from Data
Using the computer, participants will calculate yield recovery as influenced by sawing variation, shrinkage and planer allowance.

Define True Cost of Drying
The relevance and importance of a QC program for kiln drying operations will be discussed.

Skills Building Session
An existing quality control program will be used as a case study. It will be reviewed, its impact described and the developed data will be analyzed.


Schedules & Availability

CAWP endeavours to make kiln drying course modules available as often as possible and in as many locations as is feasible. As scheduling is decided on an on-demand basis, we encourage potential participants to let us know that a course is desired in their area.  Kiln drying courses may also be delivered in-plant at your company location, or customized to meet specific learning goals. For more information on this topic please see our in-plant training page.