HR and Safety Course

WMC Management Skills Training Program – What you’ll Learn

This page lists the workplace skills that you will gain by successfully participating in this course module.

Safety and Human Resources Management Training for the Woodworking Industry

Safety and Human Resources Management

This course module is designed for anyone moving into an HR role who needs to become familiar with the key systems and practices needed to be effective in the human resources function. Safety is front and centre as a critical consideration for manufacturing operations, and the course also introduces a wide range of tools and techniques for successful recruitment, retention and team building.

  • Develop systems and procedures to promote a safe working environment
  • Describe basic safety regulations and identify sources of updated regulatory information
  • Explain management’s responsibilities with regard to safety
  • Explain the key aspects of labour relations (both union and non-union); describe good hiring practices, performance appraisal systems, and compensation systems (for shop floor employees)
  • Create successful employee retention strategies
  • Describe techniques for creating a positive team environment within your company
  • Foster effective communication and leadership skills to motivate employees