Production Planning

WMC Management Skills Training Program – What you’ll Learn

This page lists the workplace skills that you will gain by successfully participating in this course module.

Production Planning Training for the Woodworking Industry

Production Planning

This course module introduces various tools and techniques for planning and managing production activities, and includes discussion of modern production management philosophies such as lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. The emphasis is on working with systems and documents that can be implemented right away in participants’ workplaces to improve operational efficiencies. Extensive examples are provided from the wood products manufacturing industries to illustrate the techniques and concepts being taught.

  • Develop detailed data collection sheets to conduct time and motion studies.
  • Be familiar with production management techniques and how they relate to;
  • Types of products (standard, custom)
  • Types of processes (projects, batch production, mass production, continuous production)
  • Fixed versus variable costs
  • Describe Lean Manufacturing methods
  • Explain the various types of production documentation (route sheets, Bill of Materials, product structure sheets, etc.)
  • Use tools for break even analysis e.g. payback, operating costs etc.
  • Explain key measures such as labour productivity, yield, and units per hour
  • Explain important factors in Make versus Buy decisions (outsourcing)
  • Be familiar with the capabilities of production scheduling software.