Module 3 – Kiln Performance Analysis

Workshop Duration: 2 days

What you will learn:

A fundamental challenge for kiln operating personnel is the determination and measurement of kiln performance criteria. This module provides students with an understanding of those factors. An existing facility is profiled and its performance charted. Other topics include: temperature distribution and airflow design, fans, motors and heat sources, and advanced kiln upgrades.

Benefits of Attending:

  • develop a better understanding of base line kiln performance criteria
  • understand how kiln performance relates to variation in drying uniformity
  • learn how to profile drying facility and critically assess its performance
  • be able to conduct cost-benefit analyses to determine whether upgrades should be carried out or new facilities developed
  • obtain a better understanding of the roles of fans, motors and heating systems

 Who should attend:

  • Kiln managers
  • Supervisory & QC staff
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Kiln operators

Module 1 Cost: $750
Kiln Drying Certificate cost (lump-sum fee): $3982

Workshop Schedule:

Review of basic kiln performance requirements will be presented. Discussions will follow on kiln design, loading and material systems handling.

Heating Systems
Heating systems, controllers and the impact on in-kiln temperature variation will be presented.

Airflow Design and Application
Airflow analysis with a specific focus on design and airflow characteristics will be discussed. Modeling experiments being carried out on air flow patterns will be discussed.

Fans and Baffles
Fan characteristics and motor requirements, the impact of variable speed fans and fan blade configuration will be detailed. Variations in baffling, detailing configurations, designs and placement will be presented.

On Site Evaluation of Kiln
Plant visit will occur, with the purpose of measuring and assessing kiln performance. While at the site participants will conduct a full air flow inspection with a review of grade outturn. Information on temperature distribution throughout the kiln run will be available for assessment. An inspection of kiln systems will also be conducted.

Review of Kiln Performance Check
Participants will review air flow findings, temperature distribution information, variations in moisture content or grade and discuss the final report, adding their own recommendations.


Schedules & Availability

CAWP endeavours to make kiln drying course modules available as often as possible and in as many locations as is feasible. As scheduling is decided on an on-demand basis, we encourage potential participants to let us know that a course is desired in their area.  Kiln drying courses may also be delivered in-plant at your company location, or customized to meet specific learning goals. For more information on this topic please see our in-plant training page.