Module 1 – Introduction to Wood Drying

Workshop Duration: 5 days

What you will learn:

This workshop introduces the terms, concepts and processes involved in drying wood. The course begins by detailing wood anatomy and moisture movement. Students will become familiar with kiln design considerations, drying schedules and kiln loading considerations. Other topics include drying with air, drying degrade, lumber storage and handling, control systems and power plants. These topics are expanded upon in later modules of the program.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Improved drying uniformity
  • Reduced drying times
  • Potential of reduced energy rates
  • Understand the basic design criteria before the purchase of
  • new kilns

 Who should attend:

  • Kiln managers
  • Supervisory & QC staff
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Kiln operators

Module 1 Cost: $995 Kiln Drying Certificate cost (lump-sum fee) $3982

Workshop Schedule:

Wood Anatomy
Strength and mechanical properties, variations in wood structure, moisture content

Drying with Air
Water in wood, its movement and flow, moisture gradients, shrinkage calculations

Drying stress, casehardening, checking, splitting, honeycomb and warp – what they are, how they occur and how to prevent them

Drying Schedules
Key stages in drying schedules, how to assemble a schedule, equalizing, conditioning and other treatments

Kiln Design/Performance Analysis
Key elements – fans, baffles, power plants, structure and monitoring equipment

Introduction to Power Plants
Steam, hot water, electric, gas, butane, wood waste and heat transfer oil kilns, energy usage and characteristics

Control Systems and Safety
Proper control systems and safety measures are always important

Moisture Meters Types of meters and their correct usage

Kiln Structure and Design
A review of the many kiln design options and variations, their advantages and disadvantages

Kiln Assessment
How to inspect and rate a kiln and its performance

Plant tours
On-site visit to a local facility


    1. Review of plant tours
    2. Review moisture content and shrinkage calculations

Small kiln design introduction of new technologies

Final Test

Schedules & Availability

CAWP endeavours to make kiln drying course modules available as often as possible and in as many locations as is feasible. As scheduling is decided on an on-demand basis, we encourage potential participants to let us know that a course is desired in their area.  Kiln drying courses may also be delivered in-plant at your company location, or customized to meet specific learning goals. For more information on this topic please see our in-plant training page.