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The TWIG – Shape program

Shape is a new program established by TWIG in partnership with BC Wood and
CAWP to spark developments in the value-added wood products space, taking
people from concept to product launch. This program is building on a history of
programs from BC wood and CAWP’s technical expertise and industry support.
TWIG is combining these support resources to create a cohesive pathway
program for people to move through the product development process to realize
a business centred around wood furniture, objects, accessories and inventions.
This programming is designed end-to-end from raw material to market and takes
place over the course of 7 months, with guidance and mentorship from wood
professionals, and access to technical expertise. The program concludes with a
showcase at IDS Vancouver, giving you a platform to share your products and
business with a range of attendees.

This program is designed to include people of varying backgrounds, and
experiences from different locations in BC. We want to attract a diversity of
people who have varying skill sets with a common interest in developing
products made from wood. You don’t have to be a woodworker to participate in
this program, but need to have the willingness to develop products where wood
is a primary component. The structure of this program is created around a
cohort model, where the group will move through the process and experience
the stages of product development and learning together. Alongside the
expertise provided through the program, the knowledge that different individuals
bring can influence the success and outcomes of all participants.
This program is based on a series of pillars, that anchor the Concept, Design,
Make and Visibility process developed by TWIG as means to guide people
through product development. Throughout this program, TWIG will host monthly
“study groups” that can be attended in person and online that will include guest
industry speakers relevant to the pillars of the program. At each pillar we will
provide tailored sessions, providing information and knowledge about a specific
subject that will support your product development journey.

How it Works

Application to this program is open to anyone who wants to apply and commit
to the 7-month-long time table. We have a simple form that we ask you to fill out
that has a series of questions about you, your interest in the program, the
concept you have and what you would like to see through your participation in
SHAPE. After we review your application we will contact you to set up a phone
or zoom call to discuss the application, answer additional questions you have
and finally confirm the status of your participation.

Additional Information on Shape Program


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