The Centre for Advanced Wood Processing is located on the north east side of the Forest Sciences Centre complex. This state of the art facility features fully wired and wireless Internet connectivity in all classrooms, laboratories and offices. The building has been designed to feature the latest in engineered wood products as fully as possible.

Machine Laboratory

The machinery in this laboratory is used to teach the undergraduate students machinery safety, basic woodworking skills as well as giving them exposure to the some of the latest technological advances in the secondary manufacturing industry. A full list of equipment is available on our CAWP Technical Facilities page.

The goal is not to train the students as machine operators, rather to show them the possibilities and advantages gained by employing the use of computer driven machinery and manufacturing. This will enable them to make informed and accurate recommendations for machinery acquisitions when they are in the work place.

The facilities are also used for continuing education and training courses designed to advance the knowledge and skills of owners, managers and technical employees in the wood products manufacturing sector. Finally, we work with companies to assist in developing new wood-based products, improving existing ones, and prototyping and testing these products.

The Centres’ goal has been to acquire the most technologically advanced machinery available and to upgrade this machinery as technology changes. The relationships that CAWP has forged with major machinery manufacturers are invaluable in allowing us to stay current with the latest advances in technology and provide access to knowledgeable personnel from these companies who will participate in and teach courses pertaining to their particular area of expertise. These relationships also promote co-operation and participation in research and development.

There is also a complement of work stations and small hand tools, to teach safety and basic woodworking, as well as allowing completion of various woodworking projects.

Teaching Facilities

You can find the list of CAWP teaching facilities here.

Technical Operations Manager

Brandon Chan (604) 822-3981


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