Factory Planning Course

WMC Management Skills Training Program – What you’ll Learn

This page lists the workplace skills that you will gain by successfully participating in this course module.

Factory Planning & Equipment Justification for the Woodworking Industry

Factory Planning and Equipment Justification

The factory planning and equipment justification module will be of use to anyone who has full or partial responsibility for planning a new facility, improving or enlarging an existing facility, or evaluating the purchase of new equipment such as production machinery. The course is taught using examples from the woodworking manufacturing industry but concepts are transferrable to other types of business in which industrial equipment is used in a production setting.

(learners should complete the Business Finance and Investment Evaluation module before taking this module)

  • Analyze data (quality and production) to assist in equipment justification decisions
  • Describe the true cost of capital acquisitions, including initial costs, training, installation, maintenance, and parts costs
  • Develop equipment proposals including cost savings, quality improvements and impact on existing manufacturing conditions.
  • Explain the main decision affecting the layout and design of a modern secondary manufacturing facility
  • Describe the impact of the plant design on production methods, cost, training needs, inventory requirements, product quality and production scheduling.
  • Evaluate alternative layouts in terms of product throughput, cost and profit