Outside the Box Meetup Group promotes New Opportunities & Partnerships

In October 2012 CAWP launched a business networking group called Outside the Box to encourage creative thinking about new product opportunities in value-added wood products and building systems. Each month manufacturers, artisans, architects and designers get together over an informal dinner at various Vancouver locales, share information and brainstorm in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The goals of the group are to identify opportunities for design/manufacturing/marketing partnerships and to find gaps in the market that can be filled by new or existing products. We look at how our members can serve new market niches, or how we can use different materials, technologies or processes to innovate marketable new products.

The group began in October 2012 with just a few members. Our first meetup on Commercial Drive, Vancouver, attracted 20 participants. There are now 250 members on our meetup.com site.

To find out more or join the group go to http://www.meetup.com/Outside-the-Box-Meetup-Group/about/