R&D and Training Funding For Wood Products Manufacturers

This page lists some possible third-party funding sources for manufacturers investing in training, products development, or applied R&D. This list is provided for information purposes only, and you should contact these organisations directly for accurate and current information regarding these programs. CAWP has no affiliation to these organisations or programs (unless stated otherwise), though many companies that we have worked with have accessed funding through them.

Canadian Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program (National program)

The SR&ED program provides tax credits to companies that engage in research and development that will lead to new, improved or technologically advanced products or processes. Claimants can be businesses of any size, and in any sector, and can claim for expenses such as wages, materials, machinery, equipment, and some types of overhead. Businesses can apply for SR&ED tax credits directly from Canada Revenue Agency, but because the paperwork is often quite onerous many firms choose to enlist the assistance of a consulting company that specialises in this area. The consultant will gather, organise and present the information on your behalf, based on a contingency agreement.  There are many such consultancies, but one that has worked with several value-added wood products manufacturers is BDO Canada.

ASPECT Targeted Skills Shortage Program (TSSP) – (British Columbia only)

The ASPECT Targeted Skills Shortage Program (TSSP) is designed to help manufacturing businesses and other organisations to grow the potential of their low skilled employees by providing access to funded training to eligible staff. The program has space available for up to 1,200 eligible employees in BC. Eligible employees can be provided with up to a maximum of $1500 ($7500 per employer) to be used towards training courses that are specific to the employees’ workplace need. Organisations must have less than 100 employees.

Employees will either not possess a high school diploma or have a high school diploma but no recognized certification. Each eligible employee is able to participate in the program only once, however more than one employee from your organization can take part in the program at the same time. To enrol, please contact one of the program Service Providers.

Wood First Program (British Columbia only)

The Wood First Program provides capacity-building support to value-added wood products manufacturers in BC. Services are delivered by three organisations – CAWP, BC Wood Specialties Group and FPInnovations. CAWP’s role is to assist companies with products development, design, protoyping and testing, including modifying manufacturing processes to accommodate new or improved products. Funding from Forestry Innovation Investment will cover 50% of applicable product development project costs, not including materials or capital equipment purchases. For more details, contact CAWP at cawp@cawp.ubc.ca.